The 2014 iGEM Wiki has been officially freezed. That was really a relief to us as the two-day sleepless working streak has finally come to an end. In contrast to the experience last year, this time we have devoted much more into the project (You can visit our wiki here).

I am in charge of the Modelling part with two other students. Despite the limited time, we have done a relatively good model with fine tuning. The weakest point is the documentation I think. The way-too-short documentation has not reflected our extensive considerations in building the model.

I am really proud of the wiki we built. Awesome typography as well as excellect contents inside. The architecture I built is fully template-based, which dramatically lowered the difficulty of editing the wiki. Furthermore, the template system uses original MediaWiki format. This gives a boost to contents quality, as the source can be easily parsed and reused without dealing with strange HTML codes.

The whole iGEM SUSTC-Shenzhen Wiki is CC-BY licensed so you can reuse it freely if you want to build an iGEM team wiki! The features include:

  • Fully responsive on all browsers > IE9
  • Dynamic Page Loading (PJAX), which significantly smoothes user experience.
  • Built-in Scrollspy-enabled Contents Sidebar
  • Template-based MediaWiki-compatible Syntax

Try it in your next iGEM!